giovedì 15 dicembre 2016

Morsano Tic-Toc: quando vedremo un drone portare un pacco di Amazon in paese?

Ne dà notizia il Financial Times: la prima spedizione di un pacco da parte di Amazon con un drone è stata effettuata con successo in una zona dell'Inghilterra rurale. La domanda che ci si fa in paese, quando vedremo la prima spedizione con un drone arrivare a Morsano?

...tic, toc, tic, toc

Amazon has used a drone to deliver a bag of popcorn to an address in rural England, in the first commercial outing for a technology that is the US group’s boldest step towards automating deliveries. The snack was delivered last week, along with a TV streaming stick, to the back garden of a customer identified as Richard B, who the company on Wednesday said had placed the order 13 minutes earlier. A drone several times larger than a Frisbee took off with its payload from a modified shipping container that Amazon has built to serve the two customers who are taking part in the trial. Both live in a five square mile area covered by special rules put in place for the trial, which Amazon has agreed with the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The service is available seven days a week during daylight hours, although CAA rules require flights to be paused during inclement weather. News of the test follows the company’s announcement last week that it had opened a checkout-free grocery store in Seattle. The shop, which is currently open only to a select group of Amazon employees, automatically tracks what customers remove from the shelves, eliminating the need to ring up a bill at a checkout before they leave. Amazon’s prototype delivery drones can carry a shoebox-sized container weighing up to 5lbs (2.3kg). A video posted online showed the device navigating its way over hedgerows and fields without human intervention, before closing in on a landing pad marked with what looks like computer-readable code planted on a customer’s lawn. Read more 

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