lunedì 12 gennaio 2015

Segnalazione Tecnologica: ricarica lo smartphone pedalando la tua bici!

Ci è giunta questa segnalazione che giriamo volentieri visto che si tratta di un'innovazione tecnologica che potrebbe migliorare la vita dei ciclisti morsanici. 

Twin Heads Ltd, an Italian Start Up.

Lightcharge is a modern and revolutionary device that will allow you to charge any device with a USB cable, using the dynamo of your bike.
Ideal for all your summer adventures, you can always recharge your smartphone, GPS, iPod, iPhone or other MP3 players in an ecological way, and not only this, but the economic Lighcharge fits all dynamos.
To make it an even more indispensable device on your bike rides, the Lightcharge, once having charged smartphones, will light your route simply by pressing a button that will activate the "lamp" feature.
The fact it can also be removed from the bike and, due to its small size, placed in your pocket.
Finally, this product carries the authentic quality and expertise implied by Made in Italy, since the 

Lightcharge is created and produced entirely in Italy.
If you are interested in our product, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Twin Heads Srl
via Tirana 48, 35100 Padova (Italia)
partita iva e c.f. 04537280283

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